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Barre Class Guide
As we have varied students of different fitness levels and capabilities, Ash has decided to split her Barre classes in to different difficulties.
Thursday 9:30am Barre – Beginners class – Slower pace – Less intense.
Thursday 5:45pm Barre – Beginners to Intermediate – Fast pace – Intense workout.
Tuesday 4:15pm Barre + Stretch – Intermediate - Fast pace – Intense workout with rewarding stretch.
If you are new to Barre we suggest you come along to the Thursday morning classes to learn the basics before you get into the higher intensity, faster flowing sessions on Thursday Night and Tuesdays.
A quick class guide.
Tue 4:15pm – This class will focus on 20 minutes of pelvic floor stability, lower back and shoulder strengthening. 20 to 25 minutes of Barre cardio and the sealing the class with 20 minutes of stretching.
Thu 9:30am – You will still get a very active workout, but the pace will be slower and more focused on gaining the basic knowledge of the Barre moves. This will be a strong core and pelvic floor workout.
Thu 5:45pm – Picking up the Cardio rate, this class is sure to bring the heart rate up high and the laughs along with it. We will incorporate some additional props to keep the class flowing, fun and challenging.


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