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My name is Kerrie Grimshaw, I am a fully qualified Pilates’s instructor and mum of 3 Boys.


I have gained my qualifications in May 2020 and in that time furthered my studies completing qualifications in:

  • MATWORK & Advanced Mat work

  • Reformer, Progression Reformer, Advanced Reformer

  • Ball, Circles and Bands Pilates

  • Pilates for Pregnancy

I work at a local studio teaching reformer Pilates as well as an early morning class and 5 week block Pilates at Tranquil Yoga Mackay.

I have my own space in TYM with my reformer machine set up and am taking private sessions now.

I LOVE what I do! It’s not only fun, it’s rewarding to see the changes in students whether it be physical or mental through their Pilates journey.


  • Increases Core Strength - the core when strengthened will support and stabilize the body

  • Improves Posture - Pilates focuses on the full body’s alignment

  • Balance - helps you Coordinate your movements

  • Increased Strength - strengthens all muscles in our body by using a combination of dynamic and static strength training

  • Flexibility - Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body



Firstly, Fun!!  It's always great to have a few laughs and giggles throughout the class.

Starting the program with learning the fundamentals and basic principles of Pilates.

By doing this you will have awareness of your strengths and weaknesses within your body so we can work on improving your overall goal.

As you get familiar with the exercises, we can build on offering progressions so you can continue to challenge your muscles.

Introducing some equipment e.g., Circles -Balls-Bands adds resistance for faster more targeted toning and improves muscle strength throughout your body as well as adding elements of fun to your workout.


YES!!!! Pilates caters for everyone, from beginner to advanced.

You can perform exercises using your body weight, or with the help of various pieces of equipment.

A typical Pilates workout includes several exercises and stretches.

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